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Infrastructure and Stock for Genesis Market Were Sold on a Hacker Forum

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ByEsme Greene

Aug 18, 2023
Genesis Market's Stock Sold on Hacker Forum
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This declaration comes nearly three months after Operation Cookie Monster, in which law authorities took control of several of the marketplace’s domains on the clearnet.

Sold in 3 Weeks

The people behind the shop chose to sell the platform, according to a post made on June 28 by the GenesisMarket account GenesisStore on a hacker site. The vendor claimed that the bundle includes “the store with all the developments,” a full database except some information about the customers, source code, scripts, and server architecture, in a post shared by cybersecurity company Flare.

The sale would also include the stock that turned the marketplace into a successful operation for cybercriminals: Cookies, IP addresses, time zones, and other device fingerprints were used by the form grabber, which was written in custom JavaScript, to gather all the data stored passwords and other user information from connected computers.

GenesisStore is offering to sell its platform, and if a customer already has a steady stream of visitors, it would guarantee them more revenues. They disclosed a client deposit and anticipate that the transaction will close next month, at which point the new owner will have full control. However, forum accounts won’t be transferred, so the new owner will have to make new ones if necessary.

Best Place to Buy Device Fingerprints

Genesis Market, which debuted in late 2017, quickly rose to the top of the list of stores selling cookies, device fingerprints, and account credentials. They were able to produce device fingerprints using their own JavaScript code, posing as victims’ computers and logging in as usual while doing so. 

They were made available by hired bots that provided real-time stolen account IDs. The website persisted on the dark web and added more bots to its inventory when law authorities confiscated its clearnet domains.

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