• Thu. Aug 24th, 2023

The FBI Discovered a Scam Where the Victim Is Used as a Courier

Aug 24, 2023
FBI Finds Victim-as-Courier Scam
Marcel Bich

The US FBI has issued a warning about a new scam that involves hackers promising victims technical help in exchange for a package containing cash. These frauds have increased in frequency recently, particularly among elderly persons, according to FBI data. 

The Scam Scheme

A fraudster, posing as an employee of an authentic business, interacts with the target by cellphone, email, or a pop-up window on their device and states that illicit activity took place on the account belonging to the victim or that the user has a right to a refund for the subscription, however they clarify that the only way to obtain the cash is to supply the criminals with an internet connection to the machine so that the “specialist” can initiate the transmission. 

Naturally, this necessitates the installation of a remote access program, which may include a large amount of malware. Once connected, the fraudster requests that the victim enter into their bank’s website in order for them to obtain credentials. The criminal then initiates a bogus transfer to the victim’s account, transferring more money than is necessary. The fraudster then points out the inaccuracy and demands that the victim refund the difference or risk being fired.

Unlike ordinary tech support scams, in which the perpetrators urge victims to pay money by bank transfer, bitcoin, or gift cards, the perpetrators in this case ask the victim to send cash, wrapped in a magazine or envelope, via a delivery service to the location they offer. These are usually the addresses of pharmacies or other locations where you may pick up the item.

FBI`s Advice

The FBI warns people not to fall into these tactics, to avoid downloading applications from unknown sources, to not let strangers manage their computers, and to avoid clicking on links or dialing numbers that appear in messages, emails, or pop-ups.