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Famous Hacker’s Irony

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ByEsme Greene

Aug 25, 2023
Famous Hacker's Irony
Esme Greene
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Hudson Rock, a cyber intelligence company from Israel, made a remarkable discovery about a hacker known as “La_Citrix.” This cybercriminal was notorious for hacking companies and selling access to their servers while trading stolen data from his victims.

In an ironic twist, while infecting others’ devices with ransomware, La_Citrix accidentally infected his own computer, unknowingly selling his own data.

During their analysis of ransomware victims’ data, Hudson Rock specialists stumbled upon La_Citrix’s information, sparking their interest to investigate further.

Hackers falling victim to their own viruses is a common but rarely discussed phenomenon. Hudson Rock’s database contains over 7,000 compromised users, including many hackers themselves.

Hacker’s Own Trap: La_Citrix’s Costly Mistake

Upon examination, experts were surprised to find that La_Citrix’s computer was associated with almost 300 different companies. A closer look at the credentials revealed the reason behind this.

La_Citrix conducted all of his attacks from his personal computer, storing corporate credentials used in the hacks, a mistake that later proved costly.

The hacker infiltrated companies using credentials obtained from other ransomware-infected computers, continually expanding his attack base.

Deep analysis of the hacker’s browser data exposed his real name, address, and phone number, which Hudson Rock plans to share with law enforcement.

This story serves as a reminder that even experienced hackers can make mistakes and become victims of their own schemes. La_Citrix’s irony lies in getting caught using the very tactics he employed against others, all due to conducting his operations from his personal computer.

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