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Bank Cyber Attacks: New Trend?

Aug 25, 2023
Bank Cyber Attacks: New Trend?
Esme Greene
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Recent cyberattacks on two banks resulted in a worrying development when open-source supply chain assaults attacked their systems, necessitating stronger defenses to protect client data and finances.

In separate assaults between February and April, attackers used packages containing malicious scripts to target the open-source software platform npm, according to Checkmarx findings.

In one such attack, the hacker used tainted software packages that had scripts made to detect the victim’s operating system (Windows, Linux, or macOS) and then decode additional encrypted files in accordance. Malware was covertly downloaded onto the target computer using the encrypted data.

Cyber Siege: LinkedIn Impersonation & Stealthy Banking Breach

Additionally, a cunning cybercriminal placed malicious code onto a login page for an online bank, stealing login information covertly.

Despite the fact that the infected shipments were finally found and eliminated, Checkmarx analysts nevertheless foresee a further rise in supply chain assaults directed against the banking industry.

Prior Checkmarx investigations also uncovered a hacking effort that used abandoned AWS S3 packages to introduce malicious code into npm packages.

In a second instance, the renowned hacker collective RedCurl, known for corporate espionage and data theft, attacked one of Russia’s biggest banks through two different cyberattacks: one through phishing emails impersonating a Russian marketplace and the other through a contractor.