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SiegedSec Reveals NATO’s Secrets

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ByEsme Greene

Aug 27, 2023
SiegedSec Reveals NATO's Secrets
Esme Greene
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The hacktivist group SiegedSec clarified in its Telegram channel that their NATO hack was not politically motivated but aimed to shed light on NATO‘s alleged human rights abuses. Initially, the hack had been linked to broader political implications.

NATO‘s Secrets Unveiled: SiegedSec’s Cyber Retaliation

SiegedSec executed a cyberattack on NATO, boasting access to NATO‘s COI (Communities of Interests) information-sharing portal and subsequently releasing hundreds of confidential documents intended for NATO countries and partners. The leaked data includes sensitive information such as full names, email addresses, phone numbers, office addresses, and ranks of at least 70 NATO officials.

The hackers contend that their goal in hacking NATO was to draw attention to what they believed to be human rights breaches by NATO. As a measure of revenge against NATO nations for their claimed conduct, these cyberattacks are being considered.

The attack on NATO‘s COI portal represents an escalation in SiegedSec’s tactics. While NATO officials have not yet confirmed the legitimacy of the leaked data, the documents contain information critical to NATO countries and partners, raising security concerns.

In early July, SiegedSec targeted satellite receivers and industrial control systems, focusing on the U.S., where confirming gender identity is illegal. The hackers stated that their attacks were in response to discrimination against sexual minorities and abortion bans in the United States.

SiegedSec has also carried out cyberattacks on government websites in five U.S. states, including those related to the judiciary, social services, and police.

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