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Unexpected Betrayal: An Ex-BreachForums Contributor Sells Colleagues’ Data

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ByEsme Greene

Aug 29, 2023
Ex-BreachForums Contributor's Data Sale
Esme Greene
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The ideas of respect and decency have been utterly abandoned by vile cybercriminals.

Usernames, IP addresses, email addresses, private chats between users, and passwords saved as argon2 hashes are all included in the data. 

Users may verify for free on the Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) service whether their personal information was compromised once the stolen data was sent there. Breached forum was well-known for keeping, disclosing, and reselling data that had been taken from several international targets of hacking.

What Happened

The surviving administrator of Baphomet attempted to replicate the forum to the new infrastructure when the FBI detained site administrator Pompompurin in March of this year, but ultimately opted to shut down the forum because she believed that law enforcement agencies also had access to the site servers. 

However, in response to the Shiny Hunters organization, Baphomet later built a complete clone of the Breached forum (BFv2) with another vendor of stolen material. An attacker going by the handle “breached_db_person” is now disseminating the Breached database. The attacker shared the database with HIBP in order to demonstrate its reliability to possible customers.

The FBI gained access to the information after seizing the forum’s servers due to Breached and its users’ involvement in several cybercrimes. The data has worth for both cybersecurity experts and hackers, and it may be made public. Private conversations might reveal prior assaults and identities, and blockchain analytics businesses could use cryptocurrency payment data to connect threats to criminal activity.

Hacks on RaidForums and the latest Breached forum clone (BFv2) further demonstrate the danger of data disclosure from darknet forums. Potential compromises might lead to the revelation of the real motivations underlying these actions.

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Esme Greene

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