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A Manufacturer of Spyware “LetMeSpy” Shuts Offline After a Hacker Wipes Server Data

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ByEsme Greene

Aug 30, 2023
Spyware Maker "LetMeSpy" Closes After Hack
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LetMeSpy, a spyware company with operations in Poland, said in June that it will cease operations after a data breach destroyed its servers and its vast cache of information obtained from the phones of thousands of victims. LetMeSpy acknowledged the “permanent shutdown” of the spyware service in a notice posted on its website in both English and Polish, adding it would stop operating by the end of August. 

How the App Was Stealing Data

According to the warning, LetMeSpy is preventing users from logging in or creating new accounts. It was confirmed by a different message on the outdated login page for LetMeSpy that the hacker who gained access to the spyware operation also destroyed the data on its servers. The warrant states that the attack’s author downloaded and simultaneously deleted data from the LetMeSpy site while gaining unauthorized access to the website’s database.

The network traffic analysis reveals that the LetMeSpy app no longer works, and the spyware maker’s website no longer offers the spyware program for download. LetMeSpy was an Android phone monitoring program that was created with the specific intent of remaining undetectable on a victim’s phone’s home screen, making the app challenging to find and uninstall. 

Apps like LetMeSpy are continuously stealing a person’s messages, call logs, and real-time location information when they are put on their phone, frequently by someone who knows their phone passcode. LetMeSpy has been used to harvest data from more than 13,000 infected Android smartphones worldwide up until recently, despite LetMeSpy’s website claiming that it had more than 236,000 devices under its control before the breach. 

Who’s Behind the Spyware?

It’s known that the spyware was created by Radeal, a tech business with offices in Krakow. LetMeSpy is the most recent spyware operation to be shut down in the past year as a result of a security breach that revealed not only the identity of its real-world operators but also the data of its victims. 

It has been also established that Support King, a software corporation formerly barred from the surveillance market by federal officials in 2021 for failing to secure stolen data from its then-flagship spyware program, SpyFone, is the operator of Spytrac, a spyware with more than a million user records in its database. After TechCrunch’s investigation, Spytrac and Support King both ceased operations.

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