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Robocalls for Extended Warranties Were Fined $300M After Making 5 Billion Prank Calls

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ByEsme Greene

Aug 31, 2023
Robocalls Fined $300M for 5 Billion Calls
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Sumco Panama, Virtual Telecom, Davis Telecom, Geist Telecom, Fugle Telecom, Tech Direct, Mobi Telecom, and Posting Express were among the businesses who received fines. The business broke a variety of robocall laws, including phoning mobile phones with pre recorded calls with no permission, telemarketing without written permission, dialing numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry, and failing to provide caller ID and opt-out alternatives. 

They engaged in unlawful caller ID spoofing in order to disguise their identity. The scheme, which pushed fake car service contracts, started in 2018. The scheme’s main architects were Roy M. Cox and Aaron Michael Jones, who had previously been barred from telemarketing by the FTC and Texas. Due to the many calls, the famed “we’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty” pitch circulated online.

Who is Behind?

The telemarketing team of Roy M. Cox and Aaron Michael Jones persisted in their unlawful activities despite being previously barred from doing so. The FCC acted swiftly and ordered voice service providers operating in the United States to block their calls in order to put an end to their continuous telemarketing effort. The con artists were also hit with a hefty $300 million fine. 

This action caused a 99% decrease in the number of car warranty robocalls made by the infringing businesses, which successfully fixed the problem. The accused corporations were given the opportunity to reply to queries by the FCC, but none did. The U.S. Department of Justice will take action to assure collection if the sanctioned entities don’t pay their fines on time after the FCC started the punitive phase.

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