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Raccoon Stealer: New Arsenal

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ByEsme Greene

Sep 8, 2023
Raccoon Stealer: New Arsenal
Esme Greene
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After a 6-month hiatus, Raccoon Stealer developers have resurfaced on hacker forums, introducing version 2.3.0 of the well-known information-stealing malware.

Raccoon has been a prominent player in the malware landscape since 2019, offered as a service at $200 per month, facilitating data theft from over 60 apps, encompassing credentials, financial details, browser history, cookies, and cryptocurrency wallets.

Despite the arrest of its main author and dismantling of its infrastructure by the FBI in October 2022, Raccoon’s malicious operations revived, continuing its cybercriminal activities.

Raccoon Stealer 2.3.0: New Powers Unleashed

In a recent post on a hacker forum discovered by VX-Underground members, the malware creators announced their return, presenting new functionalities in response to customer requests, feedback, and evolving cybercrime trends.

Raccoon 2.3.0, as reported by Cyberint, brought enhancements in usability and security. It’s designed to cater to less experienced attackers while evading detection by researchers and law enforcement.

Noteworthy innovations include:

  • A streamlined control panel search enabling swift retrieval of specific credentials or data from a common stolen data database.
  • Detection and deletion of records associated with suspicious activities, impeding security tools that use automation.
  • A reporting system blocking IP addresses used by scanners and bots employed by cybersecurity firms to monitor Raccoon traffic.

Raccoon Stealers pose substantial risks to individuals and organizations, disseminating data widely within the cybercrime community.

To mitigate such threats, users should opt for password managers instead of browser-stored credentials, enable two-factor authentication (2FA), and avoid downloading executables from dubious sources. Session cookie hijacking risks can be curtailed with vigilant browsing, and reliable antivirus software provides an additional layer of protection.

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