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Cyber Attack on the Pakistan International Airlines, Taken Down by UCC

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ByEsme Greene

Apr 29, 2023
Cyber Attack on the Pakistan International Airlines, Taken Down by UCC
Esme Greene
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The main airline in Pakistan, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), has been a target for a digital attack that was managed by the hackers from Team UCC.

Taken Down by Hackers

The attack resulted in PIA’s official website becoming inaccessible, showing an “Error code 1020,” which indicates that the website may have been overwhelmed by a DDoS attack, a form of cyber attack that floods a website with traffic from various sources, leaving it unusable.

Although The Cyber Express attempted to contact PIA for a statement regarding the incident, the company’s authorities haven’t made any official statements by far. This occurrence highlights the increasing danger of cybersecurity breaches in Pakistan, with the country witnessing a rise in cybercrime, espionage, and cyber warfare.

Greater Damage on Pakistan

The nation’s essential infrastructure, such as its power and energy systems, banking institutions, and military and government networks, are being targeted as a result by a number of hacking groups.

The use of advanced tech systems in Pakistan’s electrical power infrastructure is vital for efficient electricity management and distribution. However, it also amplifies the possible cyber attacks on these systems, particularly in the absence of sufficient security measures.

What Should Officials Do to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Regrettably, the possible implications of such an attack are frequently overlooked or not taken seriously as a result of awareness lack and understanding of the risks, as well as a shortage of investment and resources dedicated to cybersecurity.

As Pakistan continues to enlarge its technology environment and take part in the global IT market, it is crucial to take cybersecurity seriously to avoid further attacks on its critical infrastructure.

Organizations in Pakistan have to put cybersecurity above everything else by investing in cybersecurity resources and training their employees to decrease the chances of hacks. If those actions aren’t applied, the country will keep encountering serious economic and security dangers from cyberthreats.

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