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Another Victim of the Snatch Ransomware Criminals, The City Of Modesto

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ByEsme Greene

Apr 29, 2023
Another Victim of the Snatch Ransomware Criminals, The City Of Modesto
Esme Greene
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The legitimacy of the actual threat remains unconfirmed due to insufficient sample data. Such occurrence is a reminder of how susceptible open source services are to cyber attacks.

While the latest target of the hackers was Modesto city, recently the Snatch ransomware had targeted the City of Oakland, sharing leaked data totaling 10 GB, which included confidential information including security services assignments, court resolution agreements, and social security numbers.

Who Are Snatch Ransomware

The Snatch ransomware gang is notorious for its use of built-in Windows tools in carrying out its malicious activities, as well as its double fraud methods which include a data stealing component in its payload.

This allows the group to hack sensitive data and jeopardize exposing it if their ransom demands are not satisfied. To access their targets, the gang uses various methods such as automated brute-force attacks and an affiliate partner network.

Another Victims of The Hackers

The Snatch ransomware organization has attacked several other cities outside the City of Modesto, including Toronto, Lakewood, and Tucson. These events highlight the rising threat of ransomware attacks on public services and government institutions. The financial ramifications of such attacks can be enormous, and public confidence in these services’ ability to preserve sensitive data can be seriously harmed.

Public services must take proactive measures to strengthen their cybersecurity posture in order to reduce the dangers of such attacks. These precautions include developing security processes, doing routine security assessments and testing, and teaching staff members on potential dangers.

The services must also have incident response plans in place, keep them updated, and make sure they are shared with all pertinent stakeholders if they are to respond quickly and effectively during an attack.

In summary, the rise in ransomware attacks on public services and government entities requires immediate attention. The dangers of such attacks can be reduced and sensitive data can be protected by public services by putting in place efficient cybersecurity safeguards and incident response strategies.

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