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LockBit Ransomware Strikes Again, Nautic Cyberattack

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ByEsme Greene

Apr 29, 2023
LockBit Ransomware Strikes Again, Nautic Cyberattack
Esme Greene
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One of the most famous hacker gangs, the LockBit ransomware group, was suspected of organizing the Nautic cyberattack.

Digital security experts claim that Nautic, a private equity business, has been compromised, and the gang has added it to its list of victims. On April 26, 2023, the LockBit ransomware organization threatened to release the company’s hacked information. It is important to note that, at the moment this piece was published, the Nautic official website was reachable.

In addition to the Nautic intrusion, the LockBit ransomware organization has been focusing on a number of different industries and has made a list of its victims public.

15 Million Ransom

On April 1, the gang supposedly leaked information from the South Korean National Tax Service, and on April 5, the LockBit ransomware gang allegedly leaked stolen data from TF AMD, a Malaysian company that produces computer processing devices and provides testing services for various devices.

The organization gave the business almost ten days to fulfill the $14,999,999 ransom demand. Another case had the LockBit ransomware organization holding a corporation for a $15 million ransom and threatening to release the stolen data if it wasn’t paid by the timeframe of April 15 at night.

Ransomware Gang From Russia

From Jon DiMaggio`s words, chief security strategist at Analyst1, the LockBit ransomware group is largely famous for numerous digital attacks. He also further stated that the group’s success is largely due to their leader’s business acumen, as reported by Wired.

The chief also noticed that the LockBit group regularly improves their point-and-click ransomware and actively seeks feedback from users to refine their cyberattacks.

Lockbit Affiliates

According to reports, the LockBit ransomware group fired one of its affiliates who attacked a Canadian children’s hospital, causing delays in patient services. LockBit later apologized for violating its policy of avoiding cyberattacks on healthcare.

Just last year, the criminal organization attacked a hospital for kids in Toronto, but it provided a free decryptor for the encrypted files. However, there are also reports that suggest LockBit has targeted healthcare entities.

The group has received warnings from US federal authorities for using triple-extortion threats on organizations in the health sector.

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