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ALPHV Ransomware Hits the Diamond King Dalumi Group

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ByEsme Greene

Apr 29, 2023
ALPHV Ransomware Hits the Diamond King Dalumi Group
Esme Greene
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“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but in diamonds there is more than meets the eye,” ALPHV ransomware group stated.

An important leader in the international diamond and jewelry business, Dalumi Group was the target of a cyberattack by the infamous ALPHV ransomware organization. Needless to say how profitable the jewelry business is for the hackers.

The corporation, a stockholder in the diamond king De Beers, owns producing enterprises located all over the world. According to the ransomware gang, private information was uploaded to its dark web domain on April 4, 2023.

The most interesting detail about this particular cyber attack is that no ransom was mentioned. The ALPHV ransomware team might attempt to bargain with the firm. This is a frequent strategy employed by threat actors to trick targeted companies into paying a ransom while they got the data of the victim hostage. Despite all the facts, the business hasn’t yet acknowledged the cyberattack.

ALPHV Ransomware Operated the Cyber Attack

Once the ALPHV ransomware gang claimed responsibility for a cyberattack, Cyber Express requested information from the New York-based diamond company Dalumi Group, which has over 50 years of experience in the sector and operates from Israel. The reputation and shareholder trust of the organization could suffer significantly if the claim is accurate.

This emphasizes the necessity for businesses to give cybersecurity measures top priority, including ongoing security reviews, staff training, and spending money on cutting-edge technology to stop intrusions.

Uncertainty exists regarding Dalumi Group’s ability to protect itself from cyber threats. But this tragedy should serve as a strong warning to any company to never take cybersecurity casually.

Dalumi Group and Diamond Hunt

An important diamond company, De Beers, sells rough diamonds directly to Dalumi Group. A potential data breach might have far-reaching effects on the diamond manufacturing and marketing sector, which has been a frequent target for cybercriminals as a result of the company’s involvement in every stage of the diamond creation process.

Data wiper assaults on the South African, Israeli, and Hong Kong diamond industries were uncovered in December 2022 and were traced to the Iranian APT outfit Agrius. The wiper, named Fantasy, preemptively deletes data rather than disguising itself as ransomware and targets a range of businesses, including HR consultancies, IT consulting firms, and diamond wholesalers.

In order to enable lateral movement and the delivery of final-stage payloads, the Agrius organization, which has been active at least since December 2020, utilizes known security flaws.

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