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Open Wi-Fi Networks Are Unsafe, Hackers Can Establish Fake Wi-Fi Hotspots to Steal Sensitive Data

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ByEsme Greene

May 11, 2023
Open Wi Fi Networks Are Unsafe Hackers Can Establish Fake Wi Fi Hotspots to Steal Sensitive Data
Esme Greene
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The experts advise using trusted and secure networks, and a VPN to encrypt your traffic when you operate with some private data through the public Wi-Fi.

The chance of data theft from open Wi-Fi connections is carried by experts at 9to5Mac. Candide West, Vice President of Acronis, warns that attackers lure smartphone users by creating free Wi-Fi networks in crowded places and then stealing their personal data.

Candide West explained that copycat Wi-Fi networks are prevalent and can expose login credentials for unencrypted services such as POP3 mail protocol. Even though most applications are encrypted with TLS protocol, data leakage remains a concern. Unprotected Wi-Fi networks can also enable cybercriminals to intercept a user’s traffic and monitor their online activity. Furthermore, using public Wi-Fi networks can put a device at risk of compromise if it has outdated firmware.

The Precautions to Keep Yourself Safe

To safeguard against the transmission of unencrypted data, Candide West has recommended that individuals who possess electronic devices should make use of their own personal cellular network instead of connecting to some untrusted free Wi-Fi networks in open locations. West has further stressed the significance of comprehending how information encryption works on smartphones or computers.

The FBI had previously issued a warning to users, advising them not to use free device chargers situated in airports, hotels, and shopping malls due to the possibility of attackers installing malware and spyware on connected devices.

As the cybersecurity methods are getting more advanced, the hackers learn new methods to bypass them. This is why it is crucial to know how exactly the data is being processed when you connect to the internet. Researching cybersecurity will also help you mitigate the risks such as identity theft, money laundering, blackmail, and so much more.

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