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Cybercriminals Breach Illinois State Court Network and Boast Full Access

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ByEsme Greene

May 15, 2023
Cybercriminals Breach Illinois State Court Network and Boast Full Access
Esme Greene
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Everest asserted full authority over the network and said antivirus security wasn’t in place in an announcement posted on a Dark Web forum.

The US District Court in Illinois has fallen victim to the Everest malware organization, which is now offering full access to the network to potential buyers.

According to the gang, they have an insider within the court who provided them with unrestricted access to sensitive information and confidential documents.

Everest asserted complete ownership of the court’s network in a message on a Dark Web site, noting the deficiency of sufficient antivirus defense.

The group also provided screenshots as proof of their access to the court’s systems and the type of data they could obtain through their network infiltration.

Illinois State Court system suffers cyber attack, access to network disrupted

Access to the US District Court’s network in Illinois and a lawyer’s extensive collection of private documents are being offered in the deal by the Everest malware organization. The group has stated that they are open to negotiations, but have not specified any demands.

Ransomware assaults, in which thieves employ software to steal the data of a target and then demand money in exchange for the decryption key, have been more prevalent in recent years. However, Everest’s offer is different as they are seeking to sell connectivity to a network rather than demanding direct payment from the victim.

Despite no response from the Illinois State Court system regarding the alleged leak, experts have warned about the potential negative consequences of such attacks. These attacks can result in the loss or theft of critical data and can severely impact a company’s finances and reputation by disrupting the operation of crucial systems.

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