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Learning From Past Cyber Attacks Can Enhance Companies Cyber Security

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ByEsme Greene

May 17, 2023
Study of past cyber attacks can improve organizations’ defense strategies
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Deepwatch stresses analyzing previous cyber attacks to enhance an organization’s defense strategies.

There’s been an increase in ransomware attacks where cybercriminals demand larger ransoms and threaten to expose victims publicly. This has created an ecosystem with players like access brokers, ransomware service providers, insurance companies, and ransom negotiators.

Knowing how they work can help companies prevent such threats by implementing security measures, employee training, and incident response plans.

Growing Threats

The Ukraine-Russia conflict triggered a surge in cyber attacks and breaches on critical infrastructure and organizations, leading to the biggest number of software security vulnerabilities over the past year. New threats emerged, including information-stealing malware and exploitation of internet-facing flaws.

To counter these threats, organizations must gather threat intelligence from all possible sources and integrate it into daily security configurations. Skilled cybersecurity professionals are crucial to analyze and interpret this data. Regular security assessments and employee training help organizations stay informed about emerging threats and best practices. In 2023, data extortion and opportunistic attacks are expected to evolve.

Hackers Learn From the OSINT Reports Too

It would be naive to think that cyber criminals don’t check the cyber security reports, as it helps them to understand the flaws in their work and improve their techniques.

In 2023, the hackers are likely to remain using publicly accessible Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and analyst reports to keep up with security researchers.

However, this trend may hinder the cybersecurity community’s intelligence gathering as researchers may hold back information from public reports due to the fear of being wrong.

Stealing Malware is Becoming Too Common

Cybercriminals are expected to use information-stealing malware to access sensitive information for financial gain in 2023. As more data is stored online and more people work remotely, the attack surface expands, increasing the likelihood of successful breaches. Organizations must implement security measures, train employees, and conduct regular security assessments to mitigate these risks.

Analyzing Weak Spots is the Top Priority

Organizations with ineffective vulnerability management programs are vulnerable to cyberattacks due to complex systems and increased connectivity. They can address this by prioritizing vulnerability management as part of their risk management strategies and deploying a vulnerability management service to identify and remediate vulnerabilities. This reduces the risk of cyberattacks and protects sensitive data and systems.

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