• Mon. Oct 16th, 2023

Authorities Discovered 4,200 kilos of Cocaine in Banana Shipment in Portugal

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Jun 27, 2023
4,200 kg cocaine found in Portugal's bananas

The proposed seized cargo, which was bound for European markets, is estimated to be valued over €100 million. 

On Tuesday, Portuguese officials reported the seizure of 4.2 tons of cocaine disguised in containers with Colombian bananas.

Unusual Delivery

According to Vitor Ananias, the criminal investigation supervisor at the Judiciary Police, this is “the largest cocaine discovery so far this year and one of the most significant in recent years.”

The narcotics were hidden in 6 banana-filled containers and reached Portuguese territory while traveling on a container ship bearing the Italian flag through the port of Setubal, 30 kilometers south of Lisbon.

The substance was “of a high degree of purity,” based on the cops words.  Ananias stated that it was “destined for several European countries” and valued it at “more than €100 million.”

Reportedly to law enforcement professionals, the capture will cause “heavy financial damage” to criminal groups who distribute the narcotic throughout Europe.

Global cooperation with Colombia and many European nations was used to interdict the cargo. 

Who is the Suspect

Although a significant portion of drugs were found, no one has been arrested so far.

It pertains just a week after Italian authorities discovered two tons of cocaine drifting in water-resistant bundles near Sicily, perhaps shortly after being dumped off on a cargo vessel for further gathering. 

That carry was estimated to be worth approximately €400 million, making it one of Italy’s greatest unattached seizures in nearly three decades. The authorities put all their energy into finding who is responsible.