• Thu. Oct 12th, 2023

Groups from Sweden and Ukraine Have Been Attacked by NoName 

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Jun 27, 2023
Sweden and Ukraine groups attacked by NoName

The pro-Russian hacking organization NoName has increased its malicious cyber operations against Ukrainian and Swedish administration and military networks.  FalconFeedsio investigators in cybersecurity shared images of the hacks. 

Among the most recent victims are the websites of Ukraine’s Security Service, the Ministry of Energy, the Swedish Armed Forces, and the Swedish Parliament. The websites of the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Academy of the Security Service of Ukraine were unavailable at the time of publication. 

The Connection Between NoName, Ukraine, and More

NoName is an association that uses Bobik ransomware to attack weak systems of companies, notably those who support Ukraine in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. They have targeted the websites of various European governments and armed forces, as well as NATO groups, corporations, and public agencies. The gang has been known as NoName057(16) by researchers and has been active from the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict. 

They recently interrupted services in Denmark’s banking industry. Businesses and organizations in Poland, Lithuania, and other nations have also been attacked by NoName. According to cybersecurity firm SentineOne, they have even attempted to attack the websites of candidates in the impending Czech presidential election in 2023.

According to SentinelOne, NoName057(16) began by targeting Ukrainian news websites before moving on to NATO-related targets. In March 2022, the organization asserted that it was responsible for disrupting news and media websites such as Zaxid and Fakty UA. 

The organization’s goal is to stifle anti-Russian opinions. SentinelLabs researchers have uncovered various tactics utilized by the gang, including open Telegram channels for communication, a volunteer-based DDoS payment program, and a multi-OS supported toolkit on GitHub.