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Why Can’t Police Catch Breaking Bad Users?

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ByHarper Stewart

Oct 2, 2023
The FBI seized one of the biggest dark web markets.
Harper Stewart

In 2023, the authorities shut down numerous dark web markets along with the buyers who purchased illegal items on seized platforms. It’s not that hard for police to identify the admins of illicit marketplaces. However, the law enforcement can’t break through the security of one of the dark web forums called Breaking Bad. We went undercover to investigate why it’s so hard to catch the users of this platform.

The FBI seized one of the biggest dark web markets.

What is Breaking Bad?

Breaking Bad is an illicit drug-related forum and marketplace that offers a variety of drugs, such as opioids, cannabis, euphoretics, etc. It’s known for its solid security and privacy, which allows users not only to anonymously buy items, but also sell it as vendors. The site operates through onion (Tor) browser, which already makes it harder to identify who enters the platform. 

Breaking Bad`s escrow system.

The Security of the Platform

All the payments on the site are made with a safe cryptocurrency – bitcoin. Breaking Bad uses an escrow payment system, which means that during the transaction, the platform freezes the payment that goes from the customer to the vendor. That makes it extremely hard for the police to follow the transaction and also mitigates all chance of cooperating with the seller. 

One of the reasons why police can’t sneak undercover is a thorough check of the vendors. We suppose that Breaking Bad is aware of how many dark web sites are being seized month after month, so the admins take their time to carefully examine all the sellers to make sure they are real vendors with the products. 

Breaking Bad discussions related to safe delivery of the drugs.

When it comes to the buyers, the site also took precautions to stop the police from catching their customers. The site earns thousands of dollars and doesn’t want to lose a single client. That’s why it offers customers a dead-drop delivery, which means that only the customer knows the location of the package. Moreover, there are numerous discussions dedicated to how to get a package unnoticed by the police.

Breaking Bad hooks new users by offering them free samples.

It’s devastating how many other sites like Breaking Bad might exist on the dark web. We can only hope that this platform someday will be seized by the police for selling illegal drugs and promoting home drug manufacturing. However, most likely it won’t happen soon because of the security of the site.

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Harper Stewart

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