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How Do People Come to the Idea of Manufacturing Drugs at Home?

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ByHarper Stewart

Oct 2, 2023
How Do People Come to the Idea of Manufacturing Drugs at Home?
Harper Stewart

Home drug laboratory.

It`s a known fact that addicts might easily purchase illegal drugs online on the dark web. However, some of them take a step further and learn how to synthesize drugs at home by themselves. The purposes for that might vary, and we will reveal everything we found out during our undercover investigation. 

Going Undercover

Dread discussions about drug manufacturing.

During the past month, our team has taken on the role of individuals feigning interest in drug use in order to investigate the sources of drug production instructions and the underlying reasons behind people’s engagement. We focused on building trust with knowledgeable dark web users who are familiar with sites dedicated to drug production. However, the results we obtained did not align with our initial expectations.

Chemical reagents being sold on one of the dark web sites.

We discovered that users on platforms like Reddit and Dread actively discuss a forum known as Breaking Bad, which offers free synthesis instructions and video guides for producing drugs at home. Although the site primarily operates as an open forum for diverse discussions, it attracts users by providing an opportunity to engage in conversations with genuine doctors who offer guidance on self-manufacturing substances. This tactic employed by the forum serves to entice new users to the platform, which also conveniently sells equipment for home drug manufacturing.

Drug Production for Self Use

Chemical reagents being sold on Breaking Bad.

One of the motivations behind addicts resorting to manufacturing drugs at home is for personal consumption. By doing so, they can obtain the substance at a lower cost compared to purchasing expensive products from vendors. Furthermore, this approach provides users with a sense of safety since they can avoid the risks associated with the delivery process. Platforms like Breaking Bad offer explicit video instructions on how to manufacture drugs using readily available ingredients such as household chemicals. Additionally, users engage in constant conversations with each other and with doctors on the site, seeking advice and guidance. It is worth noting that the platform promotes home drug manufacturing partly because it also sells goods specifically intended for creating a home laboratory.

Drug Production for Further Selling

A dark web site demonstrates that everyone can become a manufacturer.

Another motivation for users to begin manufacturing drugs at home is with the intention of selling the products in the future. Breaking Bad asserts that anyone can become a vendor on their platform, meaning that once individuals acquire sufficient skills, they can commence selling their own goods and earning money. This prospect serves as a significant driving force for drug users to engage in home manufacturing. Unfortunately, it is also one of the primary factors contributing to the continued spread of addiction.

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Harper Stewart

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