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How Dark Web Markets Find Vendors?

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ByHarper Stewart

Oct 4, 2023
How Dark Web Markets Find Vendors? | Deeplab.com
Harper Stewart

Some people might wonder, where do the dark web sellers come from, how much do they earn, and how do dark web markets check their reliability? Usually, when the market is popular enough, sellers start to compete with each other in order to take the place. Being a drug vendor is extremely profitable, and the drug business is a multi-billion dollar industry, which brings vendors a really high income. Let’s see some examples of how markets find their sellers.

Hiring Applications and Ads

The vendor rules on one of the dark web markets.

It’s pretty common for dark web markets to post advertisements, which mention that market is looking for sellers among various drug-related resources, for example a dread forum. In certain markets, there is a vendor application procedure where individuals who wish to become sellers are required to submit applications containing information about the products or services they plan to provide. Market administrators assess these applications and may grant or deny approval based on specific criteria.


Individuals are sharing a substance.

It’s also possible for markets to search for vendors through different channels of communication. Usually, the circles of drug users are small, so it’s not that hard to find drug sellers in the community of regular users. Moreover, such a method is always built on trust and personal recommendations, so the risks for the markets to hire a scammer significantly drop to minimum.

Former Medical Professionalists

Medical professionalists give free consultations online.

Dark web markets love to hire former medical professionalists as they offer a broad knowledge on drugs and chemicals. Moreover, they still might have access to pharmacy drugs, which they can sell on the market. One of the sites that is known for having such workers is Breaking Bad. Medical experts frequently give free advice on various topics to users on the forum.


Breaking Bad suggests that everyone can become their manufacturer and seller.

Speaking of Breaking Bad, this market invented a unique method of searching the vendors. The forum is focused on providing materials and instructions on drug synthesis at home and suggests that everyone can become their manufacturer and vendor if they got a skill. This way everyone who can cook substances at home might as well get a profit from it well.

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Harper Stewart

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