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A Hacker Gang Posted the Company’s “First BIT” Databases

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ByHarper Stewart

Apr 30, 2023
A Hacker Gang Posted the Company's "First BIT" Databases
Harper Stewart
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The user data and databases of associated websites that are part of the First BIT company’s IT infrastructure were today placed in the public domain following a declaration by the Dumpforums hacker group on April 25, 2023, regarding the hacking of 1cbit.ru.

Attackers started uploading records from the database of several firm services, including forum.1cbit.ru and gitlab.1cbit.dev, referring to the Telegram channel “Database Leaks”. As of March 30, 2023, the information in the submitted files is declared to be current.

What the Stolen Data Contained

According to reports, the 1cbit.ru database file contains information on 12,000 users, including: Email; FULL NAME; Profession details; Social media data networks; and Telephone.

Data and databases from the websites kkm.ru (data about registrants and support requests, correspondence with support), lid.1cbit.ru (data about calls and telephone activity of 131,705 customer telephone numbers), and abt.ru are also included in the leak.

Nearly 90,000 postal addresses and 250,000 phone numbers total have been posted.

Another Hacker Attacks and Cyber Criminal Gangs

In addition, a different hacker gang published client personal information from the insurance provider “Alfastrakhovanie” online for public access. Although they have only posted 1 million records in the public domain, the attackers assert that they have access to 14 million records.
Cybersecurity experts advise users and companies to be cautious when it comes to safeguarding the sensitive data. Latest advanced antivirus software will help prevent most kinds of breaches. In addition, users should not enter any personal information on the internet without making sure the website is secure and trustworthy.

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