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US Government Pays Millions to Hackers to Restore Police Networks

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ByHarper Stewart

Jun 29, 2023
US Government Pays Hackers for Police Networks
Harper Stewart
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The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department‘s computer network was breached in the United States, and the hacker demanded a $1.1 million ransom. The county’s officials announced it on Friday, May 5th.

The department’s information technology system was allegedly infected with ransomware in April by an unidentified intruder, who also barred access to it. Thus, sheriff’s officers had no way of learning about wanted individuals in other parts of the county.

The FBI and the US Department of Homeland Security were contacted right away by county officials to provide assistance. After “careful consideration,” they made the decision to give the hacker a ransom in order to reclaim control of their system. The majority of the cost was covered by insurance.

According to County Sheriff Shannon Dicus, the attack had no impact on public safety. Right now, it’s currently unknown whether any data was taken during the attack, or whether the hacker will be found. There is a forensic investigation going on.

Actually, such assaults aren’t something new…

This kind of high-tech criminality does not just affect San Bernardino County. The city of Dallas was assaulted on Wednesday, May 3rd by a gang going by the name of Royal, severely affecting the police and other local functions. Royal utilizes its own encryption and demands a ransom in exchange for not releasing the victim’s data. It’s unknown if Royal is responsible for the attack in San Bernardino County.

In the US, police have frequently been the target of ransomware attacks. Oakland and Modesto were simultaneously targeted by ransomware assaults in February of this year. Government operations were therefore interrupted, forcing law enforcement to revert to outdated equipment like handheld radios, pencils, and paper when on patrol.

What does Joe Biden think about it?

The government of US President Joe Biden said in June 2022 that ransomware assaults would be handled as a national security issue. In order to combat foreign hackers, especially those located in Russia, US intelligence services will keep an eye on international cybercriminals and create offensive cyberoperations.

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