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Unveiling the Dark Web: DarkBERT AI Takes on Cybercriminals and Exposes their Secrets

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ByEsme Greene

Aug 26, 2023
DarkBERT AI Reveals Dark Web Secrets
Esme Greene
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The Dark Web is a section of the Internet that is inaccessible to regular users and can only be accessed with specialized anonymizing software like Tor. The Dark Web is used for a variety of criminal activities, including the sale of illegal goods, firearms, forged papers, and hacking services.

Scientists in South Korea have developed artificial intelligence that can examine and glean information from writings found on the Dark Web. Their artificial intelligence (AI) is known as DarkBERT and is built using the RoBERTa architecture, one of the most potent NLP techniques created in 2019.

The researchers compiled a sizable library of Dark Web writings by scanning them over the Tor network, then removed redundant and irrelevant content to train the model. After that, they utilized that database to train the RoBERTa LLM, a model that can analyze texts from the Dark Web and highlight important details.

The researchers demonstrated that DarkBERT fared better in analyzing Dark Web content than other significant language models. This may make it easier for law enforcement officials and cybersecurity professionals to reach hidden offenders on the Internet. DarkBERT needs more practice and tweaking because it is not yet flawless. It is unknown exactly how it will be applied or what knowledge it will offer.

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