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Ex-TikTok Duo Guilty of Double Murder

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ByEsme Greene

Sep 11, 2023
Ex-TikTok Duo Guilty of Double Murder
Esme Greene
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Mahek Bukhari, a former TikTok celebrity, and her mother were judged accountable for two young men’s deaths in a horrific vehicle accident. The event happened during a fast-paced chase in the area of Leicester in February of the previous year. The victims, who were 21 at the time, were dragged off the road and killed. The Leicester Crown Court trial lasted three months before the decision was reached.

The decision was made public on Friday after a lengthy deliberation process of more than 28 hours. After being profoundly impacted during the trial, Mahek Bukhari sobbed when she heard the verdict.

Rekan Karwan and Raees Jamal were other two individuals charged who were proven responsible of the two counts of death while several others were cleared of committing murder but judged admitted of two cases of manslaughter. Mohammed Patel, who was accused of both, was finally exonerated of all accusations.

Fatal Pursuit: Affair Turns Deadly on the Road

About three years had passed between Saqib Hussain and Ansreen Bukhari when the gang tricked Hussain into going to a parking lot early on February 11, 2022, when they addressed him about the graphic images and videos he was using to blackmail her.

When Hussain and his friend attempted to elude them, the defendants pursued them in two cars at peak speeds exceeding 100 mph. Hussain’s car was finally driven off the A46 dual carriageway near Leicester by the pursuing cars, where it struck a tree and detonated.

Prior to the crash, Hussain had contacted 999 to report that he was being trailed and targeted by individuals who were attempting to force him off the road.

“The 999 call turned the event from a possible traffic collision to a murder inquiry,” said to DI Mark Parish of the EMSOU.

The two perished as a result of the tragedy while passengers in a Skoda Fabia that split in half and caught fire after hitting with a tree.

The penalties for those found guilty are anticipated to be handed down on September 1.

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