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Authorities Arrested a Man in NYC With $5 Million Worth of Fentanyl Stashed in an SUV’s Gas Tank

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ByDavid Brown

Jun 28, 2023
NYC Man Arrested with $5M Fentanyl in SUV's Tank
David Brown

According to reports released on Wednesday, a resident of Columbus, Ohio, was found hiding $5 million worth of fentanyl within the fuel tank of an SUV when he was apprehended in New York City on Sunday.

The Investigation

The Drug Enforcement Administration reported that Enrique Perez, 44, was traveling through the Bronx in a red Ford Expedition with a Texas license plate when police halted it as part of a short-term surveillance operation.

The occurrence of drugs inside the SUV was discovered after a New York City police canine warned officers and agents of their existence. Investigators claim that after looking through Perez’s phone, they discovered images of “bundles of cash” and what seemed to be a hidden entrance to the SUV’s gas tank from inside the vehicle.

What Was Found in the Vehicle

About 300,000 blue phony oxycodone pills carrying fentanyl were discovered, along with 5 kilograms (11 pounds) of powdered fentanyl, in vacuum-sealed parcels that were submerged in the car’s gas tank, after agents discovered the secret entry hole under the back floor of the car. 

According to the detectives, Mexico is where the fentanyl was thought to have originated. According to the inquiry, the car has repeatedly crossed the border between the United States and Mexico. 

Criminal possession of a prohibited drug in the first and third degrees were alleged against Perez. His $200,000 bail was imposed.

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