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Cheetos Were Drug-laced and “Sold to Children,” According to a Law Enforcement Raid 

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ByDavid Brown

Jun 28, 2023
Drug-laced Cheetos seized in raid on kids
David Brown

Police detained a 19-year-old after learning that youngsters were being offered narcotics that were disguised as a popular savory snack. As part of an accused scheme dealing in firearms and illicit drugs, bags of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos were allegedly laced with THC.

Following information that the drug-laced chips were being supplied to minors, Black Country police raided a Wolverhampton residence and confiscated the products.

Police said that adolescents were also being sold knives.

The Arrest

An individual was being interrogated after being apprehended on suspicion of the crimes, according to West Midlands Police. A representative for the police said: “We detained a 19-year-old male on suspicion of selling knives illegally. Police also found plenty of cannabis during a search of the premises, as well as snack packs, plastic bags, and postal envelopes.

The individual was subsequently detained for cannabis supply-related possession.

The representative said, “We know that cannabis-infused consumables, such as crisps, cakes, and chocolates, are offered by dealers as a means of dispensing the drug to their clients.

After conducting an operation at the residence in the city’s Fordhouses neighborhood, the force published images of the discovered crisp packets, narcotics, and cash thought to belong to criminals.

The police claimed it was the result of “niche and meticulous police work.”

The local police squad for the region tweeted the update: “Today we arrested a person on suspicion of selling blades and food laced with narcotics to youngsters. “

Police Warning

The Heath Town and East Park unit of the police force’s Sergeant Nicholas Clarke stated: “We want parents to be aware of cannabis edibles. “Dealers who are doing this to target and exploit young people are not welcome in Wolverhampton, or the wider West Midlands, and action will be taken against them,” the statement reads. 

“They look and smell like normal store-bought snacks, and because of how they are packaged, they can be particularly appealing to young people and teenagers.”

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