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Sydney Drug Lab Dismantled, $2M Ice Seized

Jul 23, 2023
Sydney Drug Lab Dismantled, $2M Ice Seized
David Brown
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A specialist police squad effectively shut down a covert drug operation in western Sydney, leading to the capture of ‘ice’ – an illegal narcotic with a street value of almost $2 million. Over 1.6 kilos of methamphetamine and $10,550 in cash were seized in a secret drug lab that was uncovered by authorities during a targeted narcotics raid by riot police and Drugs and Firearms Squad investigators at a property in Oakhurst. Immediately after the incident, a 54-year-old male was detained at Granville Police Station after being apprehended close to the location.

In order to properly inspect the purported drug lab, forensic investigators and specialists from the Chemical Operation Unit were also brought in. Soon later, a 51-year-old male was taken into custody on Melton Street in Granville during a second arrest. Officers subsequently searched a Guildford home and found and confiscated $8,565 in cash. Both suspects are now accused of dealing with the proceeds of crime, as well as producing and delivering a significant commercial amount of a forbidden substance. They were not granted bail, and today is their scheduled court date.

What’s the Result?

This effective operation serves as a reminder of the continuing work done by law enforcement to combat the production and distribution of harmful narcotics and protect the public health and safety. It serves as a deterrence to individuals participating in illegal drug operations and sends a loud and clear message that such criminal activity will not be allowed when huge amounts of “ice” and a covert drug lab are seized.