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Musk and Other Silicon Valley Power Players are Looking to Psychedelics for Inspiration

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ByDavid Brown

Jul 23, 2023
Musk, Silicon Valley Eye Psychedelics for Inspiration
David Brown

With their assistance, technology company founders and executives attempt to both overcome melancholy and generate novel ideas. The Wall Street Journal reports on the addictions of American businesspeople and the revenue generated by the psychedelic industry.

Risk Possibilities

As a technique to improve performance and acquire mental clarity, microdosing psychedelics is becoming more and more common in Silicon Valley and other businesses. With rigorous guest lists, non-disclosure agreements, and occasionally money, private “psychedelic parties” are planned, frequently using encrypted messaging applications. 

A startup capital firm known for its investments in Facebook and SpaceX, Founders Fund has organized psychedelic parties and supports initiatives to make these substances safe and legal. The body and mind can be cleansed through retreats and ceremonies like psilocybin treatments and ayahuasca ceremonies. However, several businesses worry about possible legal repercussions.

What Do Big Players Choose?

Startups and Silicon Valley giants are embracing psychedelic substances for a variety of reasons. While microdosing promotes “ego death” and breakthrough ideas, it also reduces anxiety and improves attention. Sergey Brin and Elon Musk have been upfront about using psychedelics. 

Startup CEOs like Justin Zhu and Spencer Shulem have profited from microdosing LSD, although Zhu has had legal troubles and firing. With rising investor interest in the sector, psychedelics have earned recognition in Silicon Valley and the medical community.

What’s Next?

With a market value of $4.9 billion in 2022 and an anticipated growth to $11.8 billion by 2029, psychedelics are becoming more popular in Silicon Valley. MAPS encourages the use of psychedelics into work procedures as top executives and business trainers investigate their possibilities. The commercial component of MAPS has been reluctant to implement these procedures, nevertheless.

It’s Crucial to know 

Despite claims that psychedelics have positive medicinal effects, experts caution against self-dosing and drug misuse. Alex Penrod, an addiction expert in Austin, encourages the responsible use of psychedelics when administered under the supervision of experienced therapists. 

The incident involving businessman Tony Shay serves as a reminder of the risks associated with inappropriate drug use, including alcohol and disorderly substance use. Shay’s terrible death in a fire at a rehab facility, which may have been related to studies with oxygen deprivation, provides an illustration of the dangers involved.

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