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Colombian Authorities Make Historic Drug Seizure

Jul 25, 2023
Colombian Authorities Make Historic Drug Seizure
David Brown
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Colombian agents have intercepted a colossal three-tonne haul of cocaine being transported via a 30-metre submarine in the Pacific Ocean. This seizure, conducted on Friday, marks the largest submarine-based drug bust in the region since 1993.

The vessel, packed with illicit substances, was detected by naval radars. The Colombian Pacific Naval Force has, so far in 2023, successfully intercepted a total of four semi-submersibles involved in the drug trade.

Semi-Submersible Sunk After Confiscation

After the seizure, military personnel recovered 102 drug packages from the submarine. Attempts were made to refloat the semi-submersible ship; however, these efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. To avoid obstructing maritime traffic in the area, the decision was made to sink the seized vessel.

Drug Couriers Claim Coercion; Detained for Testimony

Three men were arrested in connection with the drug haul, aged 45, 54, and 63. The detainees alleged they were compelled to undertake this dangerous journey by a drug trafficking organization, with their intended destination being Central America.

Following the arrest, the individuals were transported to the district of Tumaco, where they will testify before the authorities. This significant seizure underscores the ongoing efforts by Colombian authorities to disrupt and deter the international drug trade.