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Three Indian-Origin Men Sentenced to 15 Years in UK Prison for Drug Smuggling

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ByDavid Brown

Jul 26, 2023
Indian-Origin Men Sentenced UK Drug Smuggling
David Brown

A UK court has given three criminal gang members of Indian descent a cumulative term of nearly 15 years in jail for importing narcotics into the UK from Canada.

Who are They and What are the Consequences of the Committed Crime?

When UK Border Force agents found two pallet loads or large boxes of cannabis concealed inside a shipment of computer casing at Heathrow Airport in February, they were joined in the arrest by accomplice Gregory Blacklock, 32. Kuran Gill, Jag Singh, and Govind Bahia were all members of an organized crime group.

The Kent Police have confirmed that all four were convicted last month at Woolwich Crown Court in south London.

“Organized gangs in Europe believed they could discuss their illegal conduct openly, unaware that the technology was not as safe as they thought and that each communication they sent was putting them one step closer to prison. Crime doesn’t pay, and I’m happy to see that those responsible for this specific plot are now in jail, where they belong,” he added.

The medications, worth almost a million pounds, were flown in from Canada and were scheduled to be delivered to a commercial location in Dartford, Kent, in south-east England.

As a result of a Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate inquiry, they were instead taken into custody.

Detectives were able to connect the cargo to individuals in a criminal organization who had been coordinating the importation of cannabis using the illegitimately encrypted EncroChat mobile phone app, which international law enforcement authorities decrypted in the spring of 2020.

It was discovered that Kuran Gill had planned the importation, distribution, and sale of the cannabis as well as the sale of a kilogram of cocaine.

Following his arrest in April 2021, police in Kent’s Gravesend confiscated over 105,000 pounds in cash from his residence. In exchange for her guilty pleas to conspiracy to provide cocaine, conspiracy to import a Class B restricted substance, and possession of stolen goods, Gill received a seven-year jail term.

Jag Singh, a Londoner, was also discovered to have coordinated the distribution and importation of marijuana.

Singh received a four-year, nine-month sentence after admitting guilt to conspiring to import a Class B narcotic.

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