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Smuggling Meth in Rotting Cow Hides: Man’s Failed Attempt to Traffic Over 600kg

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ByDavid Brown

Jul 26, 2023
Man's 600kg Meth Smuggling Attempt
David Brown

After authorities were alerted to a sizable meth enterprise worth more than $6 million by the “putrid” smell of rotting cow skins, a man was sentenced to more than two decades in prison.

“Salty Bovine Skin Cuero Verde Salado De Bovino”

A 12-week trial in the County Court of Victoria last year resulted in the 45-year-old Mexican’s conviction for bringing in a commercial amount of a prohibited substance.

Police searched a shipping container that had arrived in Melbourne from Mexico that was marked “Salty Bovine Skin Cuero Verde Salado De Bovino” in 2019.

In order to hide 167 silver sachets of a white, crystalline material that was subsequently found to be high-grade meth, the skins were being stored atop 18 pallets of frozen, untreated, raw cow skins.

Investigators charged with extracting the medication characterized the decaying flesh as “putrid”.

How It All Ended?

The guy, who was in the country on a tourist visa, was detained in August 2019 after a search of his St. Kilda residence.

He was given a 22-year prison term on Friday, including a 15-year non-parole period.

The substance is supplied in Mexico, and organized criminal syndicates “inflict human suffering” at every level of the drug supply chain, from there to users and their families in Australia, according to AFP Detective Superintendent Anthony Hall.

According to Superintendent Hall, “AFP officers gathered reams of evidence of the syndicate’s attempts to organize the importation of dangerous illicit drugs into our nation and greatly contributed to the abominable harm being inflicted on the Australian community.”

In addition, he said that the cargo posed a “significant biological hazard” to the police entrusted with removing the meth from the uncooked cow skins.

Dan Peters, superintendent of marine operations south for the Australian Border Force, said that ABF agents employed technical know-how and cutting-edge equipment to locate narcotics regardless of the criminals’ methods of concealment.

This seizure demonstrates, according to Superintendent Peters, how effective collaborations can stop and dismantle organized criminal syndicates’ attempts to bring illegal narcotics into the nation.

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