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Woman From West Virginia Receives a 60-year Sentence for Selling Meth and Fentanyl

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ByDavid Brown

Aug 1, 2023
WV Woman Sentenced for Meth and Fentanyl Sales
David Brown

This week, a lady from West Virginia was given a lengthy jail term for her involvement as a meth and fentanyl distributor in the southern region of the state, according to authorities.

According to an announcement released on Wednesday by the county’s prosecutor, Heather L. Hewitt, 42, was the leader of a narcotics trafficking organization in Fayette County.

The Sentence

According to the claim, she was found guilty of conspiracy and criminal drug trafficking on Tuesday and received a sentence of more than 60 years in jail. Hewitt must serve a minimum of 21 years before becoming eligible for parole. She also received a $25,000 fine.

Beginning in August 2021, the Central Regional Drug and Violent Crime Task Force purchased methamphetamine and fentanyl from her enterprise via a confidential informant.

After she was detained in February 2022, the prosecutor’s statement said that law enforcement confiscated more than $250,000 from her company.  She also possessed five pistols, sets of digital scales, two pounds of methamphetamine, two pounds of cocaine, and around three ounces of fentanyl. 

Records of the drug sales were discovered at her house. According to investigators, Hewitt was intimately involved in bringing those kinds of narcotics into West Virginia from outside the state.

The majority of Americans overdose on opioids in West Virginia. Approximately 40 persons overdose deaths occurred in Fayette County, which has a population of 40,000, during the 12-month period ending in September 2022, according to preliminary statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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