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WhatsApp is Currently the main tool for the Phone Scam

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ByEsme Greene

Jun 5, 2023
WhatsApp is Currently the main tool for the Phone Scam
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Mintsifra: 70-80% of fraudulent calls in Russia are made via WhatsApp. It is too easy for scammers to reach the victim and the hacker`s trace is almost impossible to track.

According to mintsifra, WhatsApp is used for 70–80% of fraudulent calls in Russia. Nowadays, between 70 and 80 percent of phone criminals use WhatsApp. Maksut Shadaev, the minister of finance, spoke at “Telecom” meetings and used these figures.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messengers among countries in Eastern Europe including Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Those countries are the main target for the hackers. Cybercriminals can easily register an account using a stolen number and start to message or call numerous people.

It’s extremely hard to establish where the scam came from, according to the experts. Professionals advise users to be very cautious and block unknown numbers that send suspicious messages or make such calls.

Cybersecurity Measures Being Done

Shadayev added that throughout the course of the year, important advancements in the battle against telephone fraud were made in collaboration with telecom companies. He claims that there are now much fewer bogus calls made to normal phones.

On this matter, generally speaking, Shadayev claims that “the whole regulation is already in place.” The secretary of state also said that there are presently over 200 administrative charges brought against carriers who transmit traffic using fake numbers.

Shadayev stated that they will search for technological ways to address this issue along with the operators. The law enforcement will handle scam calls made over the messenger, he emphasized, “but very carefully.”

Additionally, he revealed an agreement with operators on how to combat spam calls, stating that there will be a marked decrease in these calls this year.

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