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CommScope Hit by Ransomware, Employees Kept in the Dark

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ByEsme Greene

Apr 7, 2023
CommScope Hit by Ransomware, Employees Kept in the Dark
Esme Greene
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The computer giant recently acknowledged that it had been the target of a ransomware assault on March 27th after some of the firm’s stolen information later turned up online. The company creates and develops network infrastructure technologies for businesses, hospitals, schools, and government networks.

Vice Society, a ransomware group that extorts targets by threatening to reveal confidential information if a ransom demand isn’t met, claimed credit for the assault by putting the organization’s stolen material to its Dark Web leak site.

According to several CommScope workers who spoke with TechCrunch, the company’s leadership last spoke with them about the incident on April 18th and stated that they were “continuing to operate rapidly to examine and verify the data alleged to have been published on the Dark Web.”

In a previous email to workers, the corporation claimed that there is “no evidence” that the worker’s data was compromised. 

CommScope refuses to reply when asked how many individuals it had informed about the incident so far.

“CommScope continues to move swiftly forward with its investigation to examine the impacted data. Although we’re working as quickly as we can, these data reviews take time, and we want to give affected parties notifications that are accurate and thorough.”

Cheryl Przychodni, a CommScope spokesman, also said the following:

“We continue to maintain direct communication with our staff, when necessary, as we have throughout the whole of this situation.”

A staff member reported seeing a ransom note stating, “All of your files have been encoded by Vice Society,” on the company’s computer. In addition to multiple email addresses the criminal organization uses to contact targets to negotiate a ransom, the ransom note contains links to Vice Society’s Dark Web leak site that hosts the firm’s stolen files.

When the hacking collective was contacted through email, they asked “Where did you obtain this mail?”

If CommScope made a ransom payment is still unclear.

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