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Twitter Reveals “Security Incident” That Exposed Private Circle Tweets

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ByEsme Greene

Jun 29, 2023
Twitter Exposes Private Circle Tweets in Incident
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What is Twitter Circle?

Twitter Circle is a feature that was introduced in August 2022 that enables users to send tweets to a select group of individuals while guaranteeing that they will remain secret from the general public.

Twitter describes the privacy function as a method to send Tweets to specific persons and communicate with a smaller group of people.

Only the people you’ve joined to your Twitter Circle may react to and engage with the Tweets you share there, so you get to pick who you want to be a part of it.

Is Twitter Circle hacked?

Nevertheless, starting April 7th, Twitter users started issuing warnings that tweets sent to Twitter Circles were no longer secret and were instead visible to individuals outside of the Circle in their timelines.

Twitter claims that a “security incident” is to blame for the public exposure of private Twitter Circle tweets in a message that was sent to impacted users yesterday.

According to a security incident warning received by Twitter yesterday, “We’re notifying you since your Twitter account may have been possibly compromised by a security breach that happened earlier this year (April 2023).”

In April 2023, a security issue may have permitted anyone outside of your Twitter Circle to access tweets that were intended only for that Circle. These tweets were no longer viewable outside of your Circle when the security team discovered the problem and rectified it right away.

“We have resolved this issue and have performed a comprehensive investigation to determine how this happened. Twitter is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of its users, and we’re sincerely sorry that this occurrence occurred. We’re aware of the hazards that a situation like this might bring about.”

The reason for this security breach was not disclosed by Twitter, but since Elon Musk became owner, the social media company has seen significant transformation.

A large portion of these adjustments focused on enhancing tweet visibility through Twitter’s recommendation system, which Musk stated in late March would be adjusted every 28 to 48 hours.

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