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Turnstile Manufacturer Targeted by BlackCat Group, Exposing NATO and Alibaba Data

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ByEsme Greene

Jun 29, 2023
BlackCat Group leaks NATO, Alibaba data
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The ALPHV/BlackCat group has publicly taken credit for the cyberattack on Automatic Systems, a subsidiary of Bolloré. Their message on the darknet site where the data was leaked showcases a vast collection of stolen information, including non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and passport copies.

Following the attack on June 3, Automatic Systems, the targeted company, has confirmed the breach. The hackers specifically targeted several servers. To contain the ransomware and prevent its spread, Automatic Systems promptly enacted security measures. The company also engaged external information security experts, who collaborated with their internal IT teams. Additionally, law enforcement agencies in Belgium were notified of the incident.

On June 12, ALPHV/BlackCat announced their successful data breach. According to the hackers, they managed to steal sensitive information, such as personal data of the company’s partners and customers, financial records, and passport details. The stolen data encompasses a range of confidential information.

ALPHV/BlackCat Group Strikes Again: Casepoint Platform Breach Reveals Confidential Collaborations

In their disclosure, the cybercriminals revealed that the stolen data also includes classified documents related to NATO collaboration and equipment procurement for military entities. Detailed charts illustrating the installation and usage of said equipment were part of the exposed information. Additionally, the publication contained NDAs between the victims and Chinese retailer Alibaba, along with documents pertaining to agreements with French defense contractor Thales.

Following the recent leak of their data through LockBit 3.0, Thales, a French defense and technology company, confirmed the authenticity of the leaked information. However, they denied any direct hacking of their systems, instead attributing the breach to a third-party contractor. The exact method by which the hackers obtained the data without breaching Thales‘ systems remains uncertain.

In a separate incident, the ALPHV/BlackCat ransomware group has recently claimed responsibility for infiltrating the Casepoint legal platform. Their leaked site alleges that the breach exposed secretive collaborations between Google, Meta, and intelligence agencies, as well as confidential data related to the illicit importation of workers into the United States. The stolen data, amounting to 2 TB, includes company information, attorney documents, and other highly sensitive material.

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