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Russian Cyberattacks on Ireland’s Energy Industry Pose a Serious Threat, Scientists Warn

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 5, 2023
Russian Cyberattacks on Ireland's Energy, Warning
Esme Greene
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According to members of the Irish Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee (Oireachtas), Ireland might be the target of significant Russian cyberattacks on its electrical system.

The Committee will get a briefing from experts from the Institute for International and European Studies (IIEA) on the types of hybrid threats to vital infrastructure, including the power grid and communications systems.

The panel hears that because of the volume of EU data kept here, Ireland is a top target for Russian hackers who aim to undermine the EU in a variety of ways.

Cybersecurity is the Top Priority

According to the IIEA, 30% of all European data is stored in Ireland, along with cable infrastructure that is “critical to global connectivity.” The IIEA claims that extended and widespread power outages might harm Ireland’s reputation as a “safe and stable place to do business” and could generate problems for the rest of the EU.

Ireland’s poor defense capabilities, strong economy, and significance in the world of technology put it at growing risk. According to the IIEA, Ireland’s power infrastructure may be a target of choice for a single large operation or a string of smaller assaults.

The IIEA proposed enhancing public-private collaborations, enhancing Irish intelligence capabilities to counter hybrid attacks, and implementing an information security stress testing mechanism for energy infrastructure to combat this danger in Ireland. 

By providing financial assistance to homes for the installation of solar panels, Ireland needs to improve the sustainability of its energy industry.

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