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13 Services Carrying out DDoS Attacks Taken Down by the FBI

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 5, 2023
FBI Takes Down 13 DDoS Attack Services
Esme Greene
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13 domains linked to networks for performing DDoS attacks for hire (DDoS-for-hire), sometimes known as “booters” or “stressors,” have been removed, according to a US Department of Justice announcement.

Withdrawal is a component of the planned global law enforcement effort “Operation PowerOFF,” which aims to halt the operations of internet platforms that enable anybody to pay to conduct a powerful DDoS assault against any target.

FBI`s Supervision

In December 2022, the FBI further acquired control of 48 booter service domains, while 10 earliercrossed platforms registered new names to let them continue operating online.

According to a statement from the Justice Department, 48 of the top sandwich shops were the subject of a prior operation in December that netted 10 of the 13 domains that were confiscated yesterday. 

For instance, the “cyberstress.org” domain, which was taken last week, looks to be the same service that was operating under the “cyberstress.us” name, which was confiscated in December.

The FBI evaluated the effectiveness of the seized booters during the operation and evaluated the effects of DDoS attacks conducted from computers under the agency’s control on target computers. To do this, FBI agents went to each service and either opened a new account or used already login credentials to conduct attacks.

The four defendants, who were accused in late 2022, also pled guilty to federal crimes earlier this year and acknowledged taking part in or running some of the sandwich services that law enforcement was after.

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