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Seventh Attack Against US T-Mobile in the Past Five Years

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 6, 2023
Seventh Attack on US T-Mobile in 5 Years
Esme Greene
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The corporation “got off with little bloodshed” this time, though, since just 836 members were impacted, a startlingly tiny number when compared to the daily news reports of multimillion dollar breaches.

Representatives of the firm claim that they found illegal access to their network in March, which started at the end of February. The attackers were unable to get hold of financial data or call records, but they were successful in stealing account PINs and a variety of other sensitive subscriber information.

According to the operator’s letter, “the stolen information varied by client but may include full name, contact information, account number and associated phone numbers, T-Mobile account PIN, social security number, government ID, date of birth, balance, and internal codes that T-Mobile uses to service customer accounts.

Does the Company Do Anything At All?

On April 28, the business allegedly sent emails to every impacted customer and automatically reset the PINs for their accounts. Data breaches affecting T-Mobile customers have happened rather often. 

The first recorded instance was in 2018, when hashed passwords and two million data were made public. More than a million consumers’ data was lost a year later. Two further security breaches happened in March and December of 2020, and in 2021, 48 million customer details were made available on the dark web. At the outset of the report, we alluded to the sixth occurrence, which took place in January of this year.

In conclusion, T-Mobile does not appear to learn anything from often recurring cyber disasters, and neither the company’s general degree of information security nor the defensive measures taken pose a substantial barrier to intrusion. Isn’t the fact that the telecom giant’s image is deteriorating with every new leak a good enough cause to switch to a more effective security strategy?

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