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A Chinese ‘Gabbling Goblin’ is Preying on IT Support Agents

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 8, 2023
Chinese 'Gabbling Goblin' Targets IT Support
Esme Greene
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ESET, a Slovak cybersecurity company, detected a number of hits against Southeast Asian gaming companies. The incidents started in October 2021 and continue to rage on. Their leader is an unidentified cyber outfit linked to China.

Get to Know The Malicious Software

This harmful procedure, known as “ChattyGoblin,” employs a very particular strategy: hackers get into popular chat programs utilized by the support personnel of gaming venues. 

We are referring specifically to the Comm100 and LiveHelp100 programs.

Scripting entails injecting an infected C# dropper into the original installers of the aforementioned programs, which causes the second stage payload to be downloaded and activated.

What Is Happening During Such Attacks

Due to these attacks, hackers are able to access staff workstations and install Cobalt Strike, a program that allows them to remotely manipulate compromised computers.

Such breaches take advantage of the networks of their targets by exploiting social engineering flaws in business security systems. 

Cybersecurity Measures

Users should use dependable antivirus or EDR solutions and rapidly update any software you use for work in order to avoid falling victim to similar criminal activities. You should also educate your personnel about cybersecurity.

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