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One of the Cybercriminals From the XE Group Gets Identified

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 8, 2023
XE Group cybercriminal identified
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One of the crooks, who is allegedly connected to the cybercriminal organization XE Group, has been named by cybersecurity specialists. Nguyen Huu Tai, also known as Jo Nguyen and Than Nguyen, is “most likely to be involved with the XE Group,” according to Menlo Security, which gathered evidence from a variety of web sites.

Since 2013, XE Group (also known as XeThanh) has been engaged in cybercrime. It is thought that the group is Vietnamese in origin. Governmental entities, businesses engaged in construction, and the healthcare industry are among the victims of the group. 

The XE Group is notorious for infiltrating servers with known security holes and making money from attacks by putting in place programs to collect passwords or swipe credit cards for use with internet businesses. 

The Attacks

Hackers developed scriptsAutoIT in 2014, which produced emails and a basic credit card validator automatically for cards that had been stolen. US authorities revealed XE Group’s attempts to get access to devices by using the major vulnerability in Progress Telerik products (CVE-2019-18935, CVSS: 9.8) in March of this year.

Cybersecurity Measures

The security of numerous industries and organizations is threatened by numerous cybercriminal organizations, including The XE Group. Confidential information may be leaked, there may be financial losses, and crucial services may be interrupted as a result of the group’s actions. As a result, it’s critical to monitor hacker activity and expose their identities.

The Menlo Security study is an illustration of how suspects might be identified using information from many sources. The XE Group is not the only organization that deals with cybercrime, though. As a result, it’s essential to maintain a high degree of cybersecurity and shield your systems from potential assaults.

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