• Thu. Aug 17th, 2023

Numerous Worldwide Breaches are Carried out by the CIA

Jul 17, 2023
CIA Carries Out Numerous Worldwide Breaches
Esme Greene

Based on recent study by the Chinese National Cyber Hacker Response Center and the Chinese cyber security organization 360, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is responsible for numerous cyber attacks and the planning of “color revolutions” all over the globe.  

The paper states that since the start of the twenty-first century, the Internet’s quick expansion has given the CIA new options for sabotage, subversion, and espionage. 

China Daily Research

According to insight by China Daily, the US CIA continued to steal confidential information and conduct covert “color revolutions” and “peaceful evolution” movements throughout the world for a considerable period of time.

The research identifies the CIA as the mastermind behind several uprisings, including the “color revolution” in Ukraine in 2014, the “sunflower revolution” in Taiwan, the “saffron revolution” in Myanmar in 2007, the “green revolution” in Iran in 2009, an attempted coup in Belarus, and many more.

Chinese analysts claim that during the last several decades, Americans have toppled or tried to overturn at least 50 legitimate governments of other states, generating turmoil in those countries (although the CIA only acknowledged 7 of them).

CIA`s Software 

It should be added that software that can easily evade any kind of governmental monitoring and is not dependent on a phone, cable, or satellite connection has been created in the US. The CIA may monitor the networks of other nations at any moment and from any location using this technology in order to collect important data.