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Play Malware Hacks US Cities: Following the Dallas, Lowell is the Latest Target

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 17, 2023
Malware Hacks US Cities: Latest Target
Esme Greene
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Similar ransomware attacks to the one that hit the cities of Lowell and Dallas have increased in frequency in recent years. 

In these kinds of breaches, hackers get into computer systems and encrypt private information, making it unavailable to the data’s owners. Then, the attackers demand a ransom in return for the decryption key needed to access the data.

The PLAY ransomware gang has taken full credit for the attack on the City of Lowell. The government agencies and institutions in the healthcare and educational sectors are a particular focus for this group, which has been operating since 2019. 

Generally speaking, ransomware attacks like this emphasize the necessity for businesses to take preventative measures to safeguard their computer systems and data. Regular backups, network segmentation, staff training, and the usage of cutting-edge security tools and technology are a few examples of possible safeguards. 

What is Known About the Attacks

Unfortunately to the national intelligence, numerous significant IT infrastructures were impacted by the breach, including the 911 dispatchers’ computer-assisted response system. As a result, instead of sending reports online, operators were forced to pen them down and hand them to police.

In the case of the City of Dallas, shutting down affected IT systems was a necessary step to prevent the malware from spreading further and potentially causing even more damage. The law enforcement agents are currently attempting to eradicate the virus, eliminate it from affected servers, and restart any affected services.

In both instances, the cyber attacks serve as a reminder of the growing danger posed by ransomware attacks and the necessity of continuing to implement effective cybersecurity safeguards. According to the PLAY ransomware group’s statement to the City of Lowell, many assaults are the consequence of businesses ignoring their security precautions.

Cybersecurity Should Be a Top Priority

The statement from the hacking group said, “Most likely what happened was that you decided to save some money on your security.”

Now that Play ransomware is attacking US towns and generally wreaking havoc, it is imperative that businesses take the proper precautions to defend themselves against malicious attacks.

These measures consist : adopting multi-factor authentication, keeping secure passwords, and upgrading software more often. The penalty of ignoring cybersecurity may be high in terms of monetary losses and reputational harm, as these recent incidents have demonstrated.

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