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Discord Data Breach Exposed Following Hacking of Support Agent Account

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 24, 2023
Discord Data Breach Exposed Support Agent
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Discord users have been notified of a data breach resulting from the hacking of a third-party support agent’s account. As a result, user email addresses, conversations with Discord support, and attached files from support tickets were compromised due to a security breach in the agent’s support ticket queue.

Discord Data Breach & Response

Discord acted promptly upon discovering a data breach by swiftly deactivating the compromised support account. The breach may have exposed user email addresses, customer care conversations, and attachments shared with the service provider.

As soon as Discord became aware of the problem, the hacked account was deleted, and thorough malware scans were conducted on the affected computer systems.

Discord collaborated with its customer support partner to implement effective safeguards against potential future breaches. These measures aim to ensure the security of user data and prevent similar incidents.

In light of the data breach, it is advised for affected users to remain vigilant against any suspicious behavior, including phishing attempts or fraud. While Discord believes the risk is low, exercising caution is recommended.

Despite the low level of danger, it is important to be cautious regarding any unusual communications or activities, such as possible fraud or phishing attempts.

When contacted by BleepingComputer for comment, Discord did not provide a response.

Approximately 150 million individuals engage with Discord’s social networking and instant chat service on a monthly basis. The platform proudly asserts its hosting of 19 million active servers each week.

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