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Satellite Systems Attack – What Are SiegedSecs` True Intentions?

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 30, 2023
Satellite Systems Attack: SiegedSecs' Intentions?
Esme Greene
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he hacking collective SiegedSec claimed assaults on industrial control systems and satellite receivers. In the United States, where it is against the law to confirm gender identification, hackers took particular attention. The assailants had previously said that they were carrying out the acts in retaliation for discrimination against sexual minorities and abortion restrictions in the US.

Employees of SiegedSec assert that they executed a “unique attack on the supply chain” that gave them access to various businesses that keep track of satellite receivers, VSAT, VOIP services, and other things. Oceaneering, Helix Energy, Halliburton, and Shell. 

Trimble netR9 satellite receivers, which are frequently used with safety deactivated or default credentials, were one of the targets targeted. It’s thought that some of these receivers are employed on offshore oil rigs.

Be aware that although you can locate 1374 receivers with Shodan’s assistance, some of them are only decoys. The attackers’ screenshot of a map displaying spots along the Texas coast, where many oil and gas facilities are gathered, was shared online. Helix Energy also offers assistance to the maritime energy sector.

Hackers` Message

ITC Global, a business that specializes in the distribution of satellites and other devices, was the main target of the attack, hackers claimed. The organization asserted that their interactions with ITC Global go beyond the straightforward deleting of accounts, but they provided no more information.

The criminals made a point of saying that they “focus more on the message than the money.” They want to elicit a particular response, not generate money. Hackers claim that most of the time, they “just want to have fun and destroy something.”

This week, SiegedSec said that it has launched attacks against websites belonging to the courts, social services, and police in five states in the United States. The criminals claim that they began all of their attacks in retaliation to the state-level restrictions on gender identity and abortion.

The Texas city of Fort Worth was assaulted by the SiegedSec hackers on June 23 in addition to the attacks already mentioned. Part of the papers were posted online by the assailants, who described their actions as an opposition to government policy.

In order to determine the group’s genuine intentions and identify its members, a probe has now been opened in the US against the SiegedSec organization.

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