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The Monetization of Voices: How Cybercriminals Profit from VCaaS

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ByEsme Greene

Aug 1, 2023
Monetization of Cybercriminals: VCaaS Profits
Esme Greene
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Cybersecurity professionals at Recorded Future have issued a warning about the rising interest of hackers in Voice Cloning-as-a-Service (VCaaS), which enables fraud employing deepfake technology to be made easier.

According to Recorded Future, off-the-shelf voice cloning technologies that make it easier for hackers to get started are reportedly becoming more prevalent on the Darknet. Some cost just $5 a month, while others are free when you create an account.

Impersonation, call-back fraud, and voice phishing (also known as “vishing”) are the most frequently discussed subjects of debate on forums about these technologies.

Cybercriminals occasionally abuse software that is designed for lawful purposes, such as dubbing audiobooks, movies, TV shows, characters, and commercials.

The Rise of Commercialized Cybercrime: Implications of ElevenLabs’ Voice AI Software

One popular alternative is the browser-based text-to-speech application, ElevenLabs Prime Voice AI software, which allows users to submit their own voice samples in exchange for a fee. ElevenLabs has contributed to an increase in the usage of this technology by hackers on the dark web by making the tool exclusively available to clients for a price.

According to Recorded Future, ElevenLabs’ activities have increased the number of attackers selling premium ElevenLabs accounts and promoting VCaaS services. The new regulations have given rise to a brand-new type of commercialized cybercrime that calls for a multi-layered defense.

Fortunately, many of the deep fake voice technologies available today can only provide one-time samples, which means they can’t be used in lengthy real-time discussions. However, addressing this threat requires an industry-wide strategy.

Since preventing the misuse of the technology itself should be a long-term strategic aim, experts suggest establishing a system that alerts staff, users, and consumers to the hazard will be more beneficial in the near term.

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