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The Danger of Generative AI: Fueling Violence and Extremism Through Content Creation

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ByEsme Greene

Aug 14, 2023
Danger: Generative AI Fuels Extremism
Esme Greene
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Researchers have discovered a very significant issue that calls for great caution and skepticism regarding any content available online: criminals have begun to utilize generative AI to spread false information, fraud, and extremism.

Noam Schwartz, CEO and founder of ActiveFence, stated that the quick development of generative AI has significant ramifications for all facets of the Internet.

Three key ways that generative AI is being misused for cybercrime have been uncovered by ActiveFence researchers:

  • Producing seductive literature or visual representations of child sexual abuse;
  • Creating false visuals using AI that deceive millions;
  • Making phony audio files that support extremism.

Let’s have a closer look at each of the things listed below.

Child Sexual Abuse Materials (CSAM)

In the first quarter of this year, generative AI-produced CSAMs increased by 172%, according to researchers. Additionally, they discovered a study that approximately 3,000 hackers participated in, organized by the operators of the private Child Predator Darknet site.

According to the poll, 78% of respondents have used or plan to utilize generative AI for CSAM, while the remaining 22% indicated they are only going to test it out. In this forum and others like it, sexual photographs, written descriptions, tales, and storylines are generated by generative AI algorithms.

Misinformation & Fraudulent Content

Although lies and scams are nothing new, generative AI has made it possible for attackers to produce convincing counterfeit graphics more quickly, more precisely, and with a wider audience.

Violent Extremism

The use of hyper-realistic, malevolent content that encourages violence and spreads extremist propaganda by attackers using generative AI has also been documented in a large number of cases, according to researchers. Generated AI is frequently used by hackers to produce racist, nationalist, or extreme manifestos or lectures.

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