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AO3 Under Siege: Anonymous Sudan vs. LGBT Fandom

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ByEsme Greene

Aug 14, 2023
AO3 Under Siege: Sudan vs. LGBT Fandom
Esme Greene
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The renowned fanfiction publishing platform, Archive of Our Own (AO3), has experienced a severe DDoS attack that rendered the site inaccessible since Monday. Efforts are underway to mitigate the impact and restore functionality by redistributing the load.

Fanfiction Under Fire: AO3 Faces Anonymous Sudan’s Assault

AO3, a project of the non-profit Organization for Transformative Works, relies on user donations and showcases a vast collection of free content created by volunteers. It serves as a platform for millions of fanfics, fanarts, and fanvideos across various fandoms.

AO3 officially reported the site’s outage on July 10, revealing that it was caused by a targeted DDoS attack. This deliberate act overwhelmed the server with excessive traffic, disrupting its normal operations.

The hacktivist group, Anonymous Sudan, swiftly claimed responsibility for the attack, denouncing the platform’s alleged promotion of immoral content. They demanded a ransom of $30,000 in bitcoins, vowing to persist with the assault unless their demands were met.

Initially, the hackers boasted of a 24-hour attack but later shifted their focus to monetary gain. They proceeded to demand a ransom from AO3, threatening to prolong the assault for several weeks if their financial terms were not met. This demand appears audacious given the voluntary and non-commercial nature of the platform.

In response to the hackers’ claims, the AO3 team urged caution and skepticism. They highlighted the hacktivist group’s religious and political motivations, noting their tendency to overlook crucial details. While fan works may contain explicit material, they are typically labeled accordingly. The team drew attention to the inconsistency of the group’s stance, suggesting they should target platforms like PornHub if they are concerned about moral values.

AO3 representatives are working diligently to restore access to the platform. They reassure users that DDoS attacks do not compromise the confidentiality of user data, alleviating concerns about password security. Attackers will not gain access to user information through this type of attack.

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