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Selective Scamming Unveiled: Dark Web Exchange FixedFloat Faces Allegations of Misappropriation of Funds

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ByEsme Greene

Aug 15, 2023
Dark Web Exchange FixedFloat Allegations
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The well-known non-KYC exchange, FixedFloat, has recently come under fire for allegations of targeted fraud that targets users. After looking into these allegations, Darknetlive verified that there were questionable procedures taking place that resulted in the loss of money from halted exchange orders.

FixedFloat is Accused: What is Actually Known?

The claims reveal a troubling situation where FixedFloat is allegedly holding onto substantial transactions under the pretense of “anti-money laundering” efforts. FixedFloat is charged with holding the money for its own use, in contrast to its rivals who would refund them to the sender in the event of an unfulfilled exchange request.

Similar worries have been voiced by users on Dread, the largest English-language forum on the darknet, particularly in relation to large exchange orders. Their allegations include situations in which money was taken without warning or reason, raising questions about targeted fraudulent tactics.

Numerous testimonies detailing individual encounters with FixedFloat’s alleged deceptive tactics have come to light. One user recently reported losing almost $9k, bringing attention to the irregularities in transaction processing. Another user expressed concerns that FixedFloat may be keeping an eye on specific market wallets and taking money if they notice any links to illegal activity.

The claims portray a troubling picture of regulations in the business being selectively applied. When offered with attractive chances, it seems that FixedFloat’s operators are prepared to flout its own regulations and participate in unfair tactics. The exchange claims to prioritize processing assets with dubious provenance, yet it appears that they have no qualms about using these monies for their own benefit.

The alleged widespread misappropriation of cash casts doubt on FixedFloat’s business strategy, which is based on providing incredibly cheap costs. It is extremely difficult to hold the exchange accountable since customers must prove the exchange’s wrongdoings. Users are urged to take care while thinking about any exchange that demands KYC verification as a safety measure. It is depressing to watch a fraud making illegal gains at the cost of unwary clients while concealing itself behind what appear to be respectable policies.

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